Outback Equipment

Weirdstuff Warehouse is closed.

Customers looking to purchase any goods typically found at Weirdstuff Warehouse, please contact Outback Equipment Company at (408) 886-3751 as we sold all of our inventory to them on April 9, 2018.

Customers wanting to sell excess inventories or who want to schedule a pickup of surplus materials can also contact Outback Equipment Company.

Domain and Trademark for Sale

Our Corporation, Weirdstuff, Inc. Is looking for a buyer for our registered trademark (serial no. 74037074) “Weird Stuff” and a suite of domain names. We have 11 registered internet domains. The main domain is “weirdstuff.com”. It is supported by 10 redirected domains: weirdstuff.net, weirdstuff.biz, weirdstuff.org, weirdstuff.asia, weirdstuff.co. And because some people like to put the “i” before the “e” we also own and redirect wierdstuff.com, wierdstuff.net, wierdstuff.biz, wierdstuff.asia, and wierdstuff.org.

We expect that the Weirdstuff trademark and domains, which have served us well for many years, could easily be repurposed by any entity that would like to mass market goods on the internet. Weirdstuff, as a name, is easy to remember, only 10 characters long and easy to pass on via word of mouth.

If interested in the trademark or domains please contact us via email at weirdstuffdomain@gmail.com